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And it is your abilities that are in demand!

As the summer bowling season rolls on so does the work of our Association, as we assist at the various National Squad sessions and the increasing number of Junior Academies, which are beginning to feature around Wales at various levels.

Add to this the considerable number of courses we undertake regularly to qualify our coaches at the different levels, one might begin to appreciate the continuing task at hand for your Association and its officers. My fellow officers and I are keen to be able to continue this level of commitment to Bowls in Wales, and even to extend it (as technology increasingly features in our activity)

Can you help us achieve this laudable aim?

If you feel that you can play a part by assisting at National Squad Sessions (Intermediate & Advanced Coaches), or even take up office as officers retire, please just get in touch with any of the officers named below who can advise you further*.

* Contact details are shown on the officers page.

CHAIRMAN – E.L.Perkins
TREASURER – Mrs J.de Souza
REGIONAL CO-ORDINATORS – Please check list for the Co-ordinator who serves your area.

Coaching is central to development of performance and participation in our great sport, both for the individual and organisation (including your club). Please join with us in promoting the ethos and potential of coaching to the Sport of Bowls.



  1. 1) LEVEL 0 – ASSISTANT COACHES – Club members can apply for this level immediately they become club members.

  2. 2) LEVEL 1 – CLUB COACHES – Club members for over TWO YEARS can apply to become Club Coaches, and will be able to organise Club Coaching sessions.

  3. 3) LEVEL 2 – INTERMEDIATE COACHES – Club Coaches who have been active for at least one year can be candidates for this level, as will FULL INTERNATIONAL BOWLERS (whose introduction to coaching can be at this level).

  4. 4) LEVEL 3 – ADVANCED COACHES – Intermediate coaches who have been active for at least one year can be candidates, and their experience should include assisting at National Squads / National Academies.

  5. NB: Suitably qualified coaches can undertake qualifying courses TWO LEVELS BELOW their own**

    e.g. Intermediate Coaches - can undertake Assistant Coach courses
    Advanced Coaches can undertake Club Coach Courses.

    ** (Accreditation remains the responsibility of the Regional Co-ordinator).

Details of any courses and candidates shall be provided to the Membership Secretary & Treasurer via the appropriate Regional Co-ordinator.


Refresher courses available @ every level, just contact your co-ordinator. We look forward to hearing from you, as we join together to ensure the exciting and vibrant future we see for coaching and our sport.

July 2016