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Formal Coaching in Welsh Bowls dates back to 1981 and the Welsh Bowls Coaching Association (WBCA) was formed in 1990, as a result of the increasing interest and demand for this important service.

The WBCA has faithfully provided coaching services to the Governing Bodies of Welsh Bowls ever since.

The WBCA Management Committee is made up of its Officers and Regional Co-ordinators (10), together with representatives from the Association’s membership and each of the Governing Bodies, so that the various interests and coaching requirements of Welsh Bowls may be best served.

Membership of the Coaching Association is achieved by first successfully qualifying as a “Club Coach” (following the requisite course and Accreditation Test). 

It also provides the prospect of advancement to the higher coaching levels of “Intermediate” and “Advanced”, with the Advanced qualification giving the opportunity to coach at International Level (High Performance Courses).*

*(The Association is currently re-framing its Coaching Levels to meet the changing environment and requirements of present day coaching).

“Basic Instructor” - Can precede the above coaching levels. It was introduced in 2008 to meet the burgeoning interest in both the game and bowls coaching, from many of our new partners in the Welsh Bowls Development Plan.

The “Basic Instructor” may not be a member of a Bowls Club, but could be an Officer of a linked partner group (e.g. Teacher, Group or Team Leader).   

This qualification can be attained by the successful completion of a short course, and Basic Instructors then obtain “Associate Membership” of the WBCA.

NB: Both Full Members and Associate Members of the Welsh Bowls Coaching Association are required to hold or undertake the statutory CRB checks upon attaining their respective qualification.


Starting from a very low level in 1990, and numbering about 400 in 2000, the membership of the Association now stands at around 1000, largely driven by the requirements of the earlier Junior Development Programme, and the current Welsh Bowls Development Plan.

Strong evidence that many of these coaches are active is confirmed by the enormous amount of work that is currently being undertaken at all levels, and throughout Welsh Bowls.

The practical delivery of coaching in Wales falls to the Regional Co-ordinators.  The Co-ordinators then work with the coaches and partners in their respective regions, to deliver the coaching as may be required (e.g. to Beginners, Juniors, and also to bowlers of the highest level).

Coaching is available to ALL, whether able-bodied or with disabilities.

Aspects of coaching and its delivery are altering e.g. Sports Psychology, Performance Analysis and Technology, and this Association will endeavour to keep pace with such developments.

Consequently, seminars and presentations may play an increasing part in delivering coaching, or keeping members up to date.

Members are therefore encouraged to visit this web-page often to check when & where such events may be scheduled (See Latest News”).

If not a Member, why not consider becoming a coach,* which may not only add both to the enjoyment and satisfaction in your own game, but also perhaps enable you to help others achieve the same.

*(Candidates for “Club Coach” will need to have been members of an official Bowls Club for at least two years, and should be supported by their club).